Customer Success Story

Customer Success Story

Ergsense client, Xylem AWS division, has released its Optimyze pump and motor sensor. Optimyze was developed under contract to Xylem from its architecture through proof of concept.

Once the PoC was approved, we developed the productions system in concert with Xylem engineers and market specialists. The final production concept was used to pass all validation and regulatory test.

Ergsense sensing expertise allowed the FW integration of vibration, flux and remote temperature sensors into a cost effective wireless low power architecture. Our testing lab included three phase VFD motor testing, controlled thermal target testing and swept frequency vibration testing at ANSI and ISO limits.

Our ability to respond quickly to changing needs and to support the customer’s remote SW teams in the development of Android and IoS user apps was a big part of the success of the Optimyze release to manufacturing.

The Ergsense team produced work output in the customer SW dev, ECAD and MCAD environments making a seamless engineering team environment possible.

We worked closely with the chosen CEM source in Asia to define and refine automated board and system testing and to resolve supply chain issues on hard to source parts.

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