Ergsense – Products and Systems Technology Development

Ergsense develops technologies, products and systems for industrial monitoring of processes and machines. 

Our services include …

  • Technology roadmapping, tradeoffs and selection
  • Architecture and design
  • FW, SW and API development
  • ECAD, MCAD, Industrial Design
  • NPI build and validation
  • Supply Chain management

Customers include Fortune 500 as well as startups and innovators looking for our systems approach to product innovation. Our developments have included:

  • Energy Sensing and Trending system with both end product and platform development support — An ergsense product line for HVAC and other industrial monitoring and trending applications.
  • Pump and Motor Sensor with logging and BT5 interface — Full system architecture, technology selection and design.
  • Moisture / Flood sensor with extended battery life and cloud connectivity — Full system development and design.
  • Fire and Volatile gasses alarm with UWB location tracking and reporting — Partnership with founder to develop production PCBA and be ready for FCC certs & volume manufacturing.
  • Industrial control system architecture for a new pump controller — Worked with international team in US, Sweden and Australia to arrive at a modular, backplane based system with 5 years of future proofing. This was successfully applied to the first new generation pump controller for the client.
Our team of highly experienced engineers, designers and programmers has been working together since 2014 under the direction of Tomm Aldridge, owner of Ergsense.
To discuss your needs, please contact ergsense at

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