d.hat add on module for DTECTS D.HAT PDK

The d.hat module from the D.HAT PDK, offering six channels of analog input and FW for single and three phase energy monitoring is available as a stand alone module for remote sensing applications where physical separation from the server is required.

Enabled by d.hat’s WiFi and USB connectivity when not directly coupled to the PI I/O connector GPIO lines, the remote connectivity allows for multiple d.hat boards to be linked to a single server engine. The figure shows an example in which one d.hat is directly connected to the PI server / gateway unit and is measuring input and output energy KPIs for a motor drive while a second d.hat is remotely mounted near the load and is monitoring motor and pump performance KPIs using its flexible input capabilities.

The DTECTS server engine has been updated to allow selection of d.hat interfaces on the setup web page. Once configured, d.hat data is sent to the DTECTS server for processing and visualization.

We have designed and printed enclosures for the board which allow both DIN rail and surface mounting. Each board is shipped with a 3d printed enclosure, DIN clip and hardware to allow mounting on most surfaces.

D.Hat Product Development Kit Availability:

Orders are being taken now.  The d.hat module kit includes:
Integrated D.Hat System
— 1 Ergsense D.Hat board pre programmed with DTECTS FW
— 1 128GB USB3 Flash with OS, DTECTS Server SW and user instructions
— 1 Printed Enclosure

— 2 600VAC rated VTs with ratios of 12.5, 25 and 50:1
— 2 150A:333mV CTs for use on loads up to 40kW 3ph 480V motors
— 1 14 position mating screw terminal block connector
— 1 35mm DIN mounting clip with hardware for the system box

Registered purchasers of the d.hat module receive access to:
— D.Hat HW design files with option to purchase licenses to DTECTS FW
— Access to a secure repository supporting the SW stack.  The DTECTS Server SW is licensable as an option
— Access to the ergsense/DTECTS community support page

Pricing — contact tomm@ergsense.com to receive a quote.


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