ergsense founder’s blog

ergsense founder’s blog


Recent Experience: 

  • Completed a contract to define an IoT gateway to meet industrial requirements and be applied in commercial refrigeration applications.  Great project but now its over and I am looking to add more projects.

New Developments:

  • Actively developing an IoT node for high speed / high accuracy AC power line measurements in single and three phase environments. Unique features of the design allow both very high speed sampling and high accuracy energy measurements at a very competitive cost point.  The proof of concept includes these features as well as additional capabilities to monitor electrical asset (such as transformers and motors) location, position changes, temperature and vibration.
AC Monitor PoC Hardware

General News:

  • Using a Linux based development platform and cross developing to my particular target IoT node. This should give the flexibility of porting across multiple IoT platform architectures.  Expect the first targets to be ARM and iA (Beaglebone Black and Minnowboard Max)
  • Added Eagle from CadSoft to my development tools.  This is a professional ECAD platform with integrated schematic capture, printed circuit board layout and manufacturing tools.
  • Kudos to Dr. Derek Molloy of Dublin City University for his most excellent book and videos Exploring Beaglebone.  I’ve been using this resource quite successfully as I develop on Beaglebone Black board.